Seedling cultivation

three-month elaborate care, cultivate healthy banana seedling.

Stem care

wipe out redundant banana leaves at regular time so as to eliminate useless seedling, ensure soil wet in daytime and dry at night and create optimal growth environment.

Fruit care

trim banana column and flower bud, eliminate redundant growth layer, reserve nutrient to ease full growth of fruit.


there is about 11-12 weeks growth period from flowering to harvest. The banana is picked manually, transported with cableway so as to avoid mechanical hurt.


trim the shape of banana and clean it with clean water so as to ensure quality and appearance of banana.

Packing and bagging

proper placement with cloth mat filled to avoid transportation damage.

Shipping transport

it adopts cold chain container to control temperature in the whole process, ensure the freshness of product and guarantee the fruit arrive at various ports according to market demand.


customs clearance, inspection and quarantine. The banana arrives at various distribution centers by using Cold chain logistics.


At present, it adopts advanced scientific management technique in the trade union to select defective banana, as well as meeting the different demands of customers in banana maturity degree.


according to different market demands, the banana is transported to the place designated by the customer safely.


unique geographical environment and climate of Philippines, Ecuador and Vietnam, the origin of banana, makes banana become yellow, fragrant and sweet in the rush time of breath and thus bring you about fragrant, sweet, glutinous and fresh experience.